History Through Art

This year HistoryAtOurHouse offers a unique program that combines the story of the past with the pleasures of visual art appreciation. History Through Art invites children (and adults) to examine fabulous works of visual art that present historical themes in concrete form, and imbue the people who have moved history with a character that no narrative can provide!

The Power of Visual Art

History Through Art provides children with a unique perspective on the past. It helps them cement their understanding of the pivotal role of unique individual in moving history forward. It gives them a readily graspable referent at the same time as it offers fuel for the imagination!

History Through Art is a component of the History At Our House program that can be used in conjunction with the basic curriculum, or independently--as a suplement to any other curriculum! It's a great way to bring History to Your House, with only 1/2 hour of classes per week, and at a cost of only $10/month!

To explore the options you have in integrating History Through Art into your history program, see the Implementation and Product Tiers pages.

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