How exactly does the program work?

This IMPLEMENTATION PAGE will tell you how HistoryAtOurHouse classes are conducted and explain the range of materials provided to students and parents.


All HistoryAtOurHouse lectures are delivered to classes of students, live, through a conference-calling "bridge." This allows students from anywhere in the US, and indeed the world, to attend classes from home.

Live classes are digitally recorded and then posted to the internet in MP3 format so that students who cannot attend the live sessions, or who choose not to, may access them on their own time. MP3 formatting allows parents/students to easily play the lectures on their home computers, or transfer them to a portable player/iPod.


Interested to see just how it works? Prospective clients are welcome to attend upcoming live conferences, in the FREE lecture series for adults:

"Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About History,
But Were Afraid to Ask!"
(Coming Soon!)


Live classes and recordings are supplemented by a range of materials:

  • Class Notes Sample Class Notes
  • Maps Map of Central Europe (1815-1871)
  • Images Sample Image: Proclamation of the German Empire
  • Web Links (especially useful for parents) Sample Wikipedia Link
  • History Vocabulary Exercises Sample Vocabulary Exercises
  • Test Preparation Sheets and Tests Sample Test Page
  • Test Grading Keys Sample Grading Key Page


    A wide variety of implementation options are available to parents who use the HistoryAtOurHouse program.

    In past years, for example, parents have enrolled younger students (6 years old) in the Lower Elementary program and found that although the lectures were very engaging that their child was not ready to take the kinds of tests that older students could manage. Since the implementation of tests is entirely at parents' discretion, this was a choice they could make.

    Similarly, parents can choose to implement tests as an "open book" exercise, instead of a "closed book" exam. They can choose to use the grading key strictly, or flexibly. HistoryAtOurHouse recognizes that these are options that every homeschooling parent should have, and it does not impose any particular approach in these areas.


    Students who attend classes exclusively by means of recordings do so very easily. Click on the following link for an excerpt from a LowerElementary lecture:

  • Sample Lecture (excerpt)

  • *Every computer will respond to clicking on the link above in a different way, depending on the programs installed. Some computers will download the entire lecture and begin playing it, using Quicktime, or a similar application. Others will prompt you to download the lecture to a file before playing it.


    Do you wish you could homeschool, but simply can't. Perhaps you are able to send your children to a relatively good private school, but you still find that the "Social Studies" curriculum they are exposed to is severely lacking in real history. Well, the HistoryAtOurHouse is designed to accomodate afterschoolers as well as homeschoolers.

    Perhaps surprisingly, many children in the HistoryAtOurHouse program are afterschoolers. Despite a full load of work, they find the inspiration in HistoryAtOurHouse classes to do more intellectual work!

    If you think your child can fit an extra 1.5 hours a week into their schedule, maybe HistoryAtOurHouse is right for you too!